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Strong Guy - Elephant 13 - Red Core

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The Elephant 13 – Red Core is a groundbreaking 21oz super heavyweight Japanese selvedge denim, merging the iconic Elephant series' heft with our innovative color-changing Color Core series. This combination results in the first-ever heavyweight color core denim. Japanese denim is renowned for its distinctive fading characteristics, traditionally achieved through a rope dye process. This process involves dipping white cotton yarns in indigo, but not long enough to penetrate the core of the yarn, leaving the center white. As the indigo fades, this white core becomes more visible, creating the classic denim fade. Our Color Core series takes this a step further. We start with white cotton yarn, applying a permanent reactive dye – in this case, red – that fully saturates the yarn to its core. This yarn is then rope dyed with indigo. The result? As the indigo fades, it reveals not white, but a vibrant color core. With the thick yarns used in the Elephant denim, expect the red core to emerge quickly and vividly, offering denim enthusiasts a fresh and striking fade experience. The denim is hefty and rigid, embodying the quintessential raw denim hand feel, and requires some time to break in. Other details include a classic redline selvedge ID, a thick natural vegetable tanned leather patch, contrast stitching, and silver metallic buttons and rivets.

The Strong Guy is a relaxed straight fit; high rise, fuller in the seat and thigh that falls to a wide leg opening.

  • 21oz Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • 100% Cotton
  • Button Fly
  • Made in Canada
  • SKU: 101124716